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Serious Salsa & Sauces is based on the South Coast of NSW at Mollymook and was started in 1989 by David Miller because of his passion for spicy food. Since then he has won in excess of a dozen industry and regional awards for his quality hand crafted chilli products. His range includes salsas, sauces, authentic curry pastes, oils and condiments using a variety of exotic chillies.


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SOUTHWEST salsa (HOT) – A less sweet salsa that is full of real Cajun spices.
A Prize winner at the Fiery Food Challenge 2001.

SEVERE salsa (XXHOT)- warning! warning! truly hot stuff, full of Habaneros and Jalapeno chillies.
A Prize winner at the Fiery Food Challenge 2002.

SERIOUS CHILLI SAUCE (XXHOT) - our hottest sauce is made from Red Habaneros – rated as the hottest chilli in the world. Not just a burn sauce, the inclusion of other spices gives it a full-blown flavour, perfect to spice up your meals with this flaming good drop.

CHILLI HONEY MUSTARD SAUCE (HOT) – this New Orleans style hot sweet sauce is traditionally marinated with chicken wings, but it is also ideal with pork and as a topping for hotdogs and hamburgers. Mix with mayonnaise for a different salad dressing. 1st Prize winner at the Fiery Food Challenge 2001 and prize winner in 2002.Silver at the Mudgee Fine Food Show 2007 and Bronze at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2007.

SPICY TOMATO & BASIL SAUCE (MED/HOT) - a spicy tomato base with loads of fresh basil and garlic. Great to mix through pasta or add to some chicken strips for a quick and tasty stirfry.

CHILLI MANGO SAUCE (MED)- with two mangoes in each bottle it is a refreshing tangy sauce. Ideal at summer BBQs a great accompaniment to ham, chicken and salads. 1st prize winner at the Royal Canberra Show 2000 and 2001.Gold at the Mudgee Fine Food Show 2007.

SWEET CHILLI PLUM SAUCE (MED/MILD)- ideal accompaniment for BBQ dishes, Chinese cuisine and goes exceptionally well with duck.

PIRI PIRI (MED/HOT)- a traditional Portuguese marinade with garlic, pepper and chilli infused in olive oil giving a gentle warmth to any dish that it is added to. Great for basting vegetables, chicken and prawns. 1st prize winner at the Fiery Food Challenge 2001 and 2002.


PASTES – All hot to extra hot

THAI GREEN CURRY PASTE - an aromatic green curry paste made from an old traditional recipe – ideal to serve with chicken pieces as is for a hot dish or add coconut milk for a milder Thai meal.

THAI RED CURRY PASTE – a flavoursome paste that goes well with pork and prawns, making for a quick and easy Asian treat.

CURRY LAKSA PASTE – this delicious Laksa is based on a traditional Malaysian method in the Lemak style. Ideal to use in meat or seafood combinations.

TOM YUM PASTE – a Thai style hot and sour soup base. All the flavouring you need, just add stock and prawns or chicken.

MADRAS CURRY PASTE – a very fragment Indian style curry paste. Goes well with all types of meats and vegetables.


 HARISSA PASTE – A North African aromatic chilli spice paste using roasted capsicum with many roasted spices mixed with lots of hot chillies. Especially tasty in Morrocan style cooking, stir fries and added to soups for extra flavour and heat.



CHILLI PEANUT BUTTER (MED) - a mildly spicy peanut butter which will leave a warm glow in your mouth. Prizewinner at the Fiery Food Challenge 1999 held in Sydney.

CHILLI JAM (MILD) - a spicy condiment served with savoury meals, ideal accompaniment for chicken, fish or soft cheeses. 1st prize winner at the Royal Canberra Show 2000 and 2001 and voted Best Chilli Jam at the Fiery Food Challenge 2000 and 2002.Silver at the Mudgee Fine Food Show 2007 and Bronze at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2007.

330gm & 100gm

DUKKAH - An Egyptian Delicacy made of roasted almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds and spices. To use dip crusty bread in olive oil and then into the dukkah mix or sprinkle over cooked fish, chicken or lamb. Mix some with mayonnaise for crudites.

HOT CRUNCHY STUFF - A Fiery Mix of fried onions, chilli and spice.Ideal to sprinkle on soups, Laksas and casseroles. Divine on hot dogs or hamburgers and through salads. Add to a stir-fry or just eat it with a cold beer.

SERIOUS SZECHUAN - An explosion of Asian Spice. Roasted Australian sea salt mixed with dry roasted Szechuan peppercorns. To use in all “Salt/Pepper” seafood and meat dishes and other Chinese dishes from the Szechuan province.

CHILLI SALT - An aromatic seasoning of French grey sea salt, chilli, roasted coriander, cumin and pepper. Use to season seafood, chicken or a lamb roast. Add to a tempura type batter for squid or chicken. Dip with olive oil and bread.

SERIOUS ZA’ATAR - A Lebanese delicacy made of roasted Sesame seeds, dried Thyme & Sumac. Great sprinkled over top when baking bread or dip crusty bread in olive oil then Za’atar. Good to season roasts or fried chicken.

80gm to 170gm (depending on spice mix)

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